OctoCamo CS:S Hands


This is my new uploaded hands, if someone want to do a better description, please do it
Or, if you want to do a suit matching it, here is the thread that request it: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=819378

Don’t upload what isn’t yours, buddy

I say its not made by me, i say its from FPSBanana

I know.

Wow! One download? Who is my first downloader? O

You did absolutely nothing with this, all you did was download the file from fpsb and then upload it to gmod.org. You did not even credit the author or link to the fpsb page on it.

“It is on fps banana” is not proper credit.

Nice idea, i do it, now it gives credit

Bump? D:

So you just uploaded something for CSS that you didn’t even make onto garrysmod.org?

Yeah, for those MGS fans, that dont know FPSBanana

Just no.

Surely at best this should be in th release section, but surely if you have done nothing but upload it, you shouldn’t really advertise it unless you have the owner’s permission to reupload (as people get a bit annoyed if you reupload their stuff without asking, without good reason, such as it not being available to download somewhere else or the link is broken or such).

it gave me pink and black checkers for hands.

where am i supposed to put these? when i put them in materials they turn up pink and black

Nice bump.

And just download the ones from FPSbanana.

knowing who the author is, I recommend you remove this, since he would get QUITE pissed.