Octopod Gaming Server - PvP / Sleepers / 100 Slots

Octopod Gaming PvP / Sleepers / 100 Slots
[US, Chicago - Central]

To join the server:
[From the Main Menu press F1 and type “net.connect”]

We are just starting up this server and would love to get the public playing on it. We made this server on a whim after having the second server in a row reset or go down without a website or forums to tell us what is going on. We want to run this server right and get a good player base going that can trust in us to keep them up to date on server news and be quick to address problems. We can promise you no Admin abuse in any shape or form.

We’re making a website/blog and forums for discussion on server downtime (hope to have very little to none!) or updates. We have a little admin crew right now but are going to work hard to stay on top of keeping the sever fresh and fun to play. We’ll be actively banning obvious hackers manually on a daily basis and we want to have the public involved so let us know if you think someone is cheating. We’ll look into it and take action. We have some initial ideas of how to run the server but we figured we’d allow the server to populate and have open discussion afterwards. Things like Mods as they become available or a standard reset timer, possibly once a month to allow newcomers to get on level ground and to rid the server of Explosive Charge stashes big enough to leave a large base nothing but foundation and pillars. We are actively playing the game too so these are just some ideas we came up with tossing ideas around while playing on other servers.

We do promote PvP and Raiding. At this point in the game’s development it’s easy to reach an end game status pretty quickly so pvp and raiding add some more to the game as it develops. It sucks getting raided but it’s part of the game for now and it can be as enjoyable to do as it is unenjoyable to have it done to you. A helpful tip for those who are struggling to get started is to build away from open areas and resource rich areas on the map unless you are prepared to defend/rebuild often or build something near un-raidable. The latter would be interesting but unlikely. Play smart and build in smart places and you can easily get established without much trouble.

We will be constantly adapting the server as the game develops and with your input to provide an ideal atmosphere for some fun competitive play. Look forward to seeing you on the server. If you want to contact me or the other members of the admin staff you can do so in game or email me at [EMAIL=“octopodgaming@hotmail.com”]octopodgaming@hotmail.com.


Edit: If you wanna drop a question or comment in this thread we will be glad to respond here as well.