Oculus rift + rust?

Might be a little bit early for this, but is there any idea if there will be support for the Oculus Rift on Rust when the final product comes out? That would be über cool

I think this would be a great idea for the future, definitely will look forward to this if it happens though.

Bumping this recent thread to throw in my support for VR, would love it. And to be honest, having Rift support will drive even more sales.

I know Garry gets pretty sick from the Rift though. :frowning:

Ya more good games with Rift support, may support my interest in getting the rift.

It’s possible to tri def it or perception it to enjoy rust as if it was some cheesy 3D movie however I’m a worried about getting vac’d.

This is exactly why I haven’t tried tri def yet.

Ya that and the FOV kills it for me. For my eyes I like to run a FOV around 130-160 but Rust appears locked in the 70’s.

I have a rift, and I can probably set it up to work with it. The main deciding factor will be if he includes a rift mode, which I know for a fact is supported by the game engine. If you’ve never seen tf2’s rift mode, it basically unsyncs the camera from the direction the gun is pointing, allowing you to look around in the rift without moving your body, it’s practically required to use the rift for more than short sessions. It’s up to Garry to include it.

It all comes down to the user to be honest. I can wear mine for hours with no issues and other people can’t use it for more then 15 minutes. I call it adaptation, 1990’s Doom used to make people want to vomit it looked and felt so real. Now you look back on it and most people won’t play it because it’s so outdated.