Oculus Rift support?

Hi I recieved my development kit the other day and I would LOVE to try Garry’s Mod with the Oculus Rift, does Garry know about the Oculus Rift and will he add support for it?

If I remember correctly, the default system that Source uses is not compatible with gmod so Garry is trying to find a way to get access to the code to see how it works and if he can implement it into gmod and fix it.

I’m sure he is going to add it, just might not be high up on your list.

his blog shows that he himself has an oculus rift and loves it. he said he will add support. so the question isnt if, its just when.

Occulus Rift support is implemented in Garry’s Mod, but apparently crashes on startup. The command line switch to enable it is -rf (I think).

Sorry for the necro bump but I’d love to hear if there’s been an update on thos while I’ve been away?

bump, will gmod support rift dk2 someday? i hate using tridef

No kind of Rift support is planned as far as I am aware.