oculus rift

Don’t know if some 1 had done this but I am in rust they should make it where u are able to use the oculus rift cuz that would be so cool

One step at a time dude…

Seeing as how the OR isnt actually “out” , only the dev copy is, i dont expect to see support for this in the near future, and even if they make it compatible, they might not implement it until the OR is released to the public.

i would also love to be able to use the OR, but that wont be for awhile.

will it will still be cool if they did add it in.
but I see what u are saying

Pretty sure this is planned. But not for a while.

would love to see an oculus rift only server :stuck_out_tongue:

tried the rift and really love it, don’t see me playing rust with it yet though

exactly what I would love to see, I already can’t wait for the consumer version if the oculus!

Since Rust is on the Unity engine it already has support. I’ve been able to rig Oculus support for Receiver (with minor shadow related issues) and since it is on the exact same engine Rust one would think that Rust can easily have support as well.

The only issue I’m running into for Rust support is that I currently lack the balls to risk a possible VAC ban. Anyways here’s a screenshot of third party Unity Oculus support for the fellow “developers” with DevKits to check out.

Separation is a bit low so I can make out the iron sights but you can bump it up WAYYYYY further to increase the 3d effect.

Waiting on Dev kit 2 with lower latency and higher res before I get mine!