OD SAS moving through a clearing

meh couldn’t be arsed doing more GMOD has been running like ass since the update.


more previews…



Tried my hardest through the lag
C&C on the first pic please.
OD= Olive drab.

Lawks good, the guy with the Scar is a bit weird, he ain’t running or aiming so is he having a cupa tea?

He’s raising his gun to fire.

Nice, I like it.

Great posing.

Very nice

Enjoying those SCARs I gave you I see :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pose

That skin is pretty bad tbh

British Royal Army SAS badge with an American flag???

I gotta fix that.

I spy clipping

j/k it’s better than my shit

anything else that needs to be said?
comments? crit?

Lol at the CoD 1 logo.


“No one fights alone.”

Now that you have got rid of the god-awful CoD4 normal-maps, you need to edit some more folds into the texture itself.

What chesty said. The posing is great, but the skins look weird and flat.

I didn’t my graphics card did :smiley:
lol to do this without a shitty graphics card edit the VMt so it loses the file with the suffix nml{cod4 only}