Odd achevements, strange icons, missing achevements.

I’m missing several achevements, and the icons change everytime i start GMod up.
I did the ingtery of game files thing and I’m gonna start it up to see.
Pictures should be up later.

Pic now up.


Yea, i’ll wait for the pictures…

The picture is now up.

Does any of your friend have those avatars?


Did not work…
Ill rename my garrysmod folder…

I get this, normally it happens with GPU fail. But with the achievements it happens all the time

I got the same Problem, as I connected to a Server and checked my Archivments, they got random Pictures too. Before they just had “Missing Image Icon”… so could it be, those got downloaded from the server/there playing Clients Avatars?


Quoting from Garry’s Blog

“The icons sometimes don’t load properly. I dunno exactly why. I think I might be calling the function to get them too early or some shit. They seem to pull down avatars and stuff instead. It works properly if I publish them from Steamworks… but then they slowly fuck up again. I’m gonna have a mess with it. Seems like it would be a Valve problem, but at the same time it seems like they would have noticed if it was happening in their code aswell.”

Oh, so its a bug?
So i got rid 3.65 mb of addons for no reason?
Rated an I.


I am certain that my GPU is recent, a few months, a year at worst.

I found out that the War Zone achievement isn’t advancing, and yes I’m playing w/o cheats… I’ve been killing metrocops and everything else left and right… it remains pegged at 1

The strange icon glitch is very common, as in all Source games. Sprays on servers are downloaded to your computer automatically, and occasionally there are file “mix-ups” that cause the game to display an incorrect picture.

Well, im still missing achevements, i have five earned with theres two on the screen

At least Innocent Bystander makes sense in op’s pic.


It seems like this is more entertaining than harmful, I’d keep it this way :smiley: