odd behavior from headhacked model


Recently I’ve started working with GMod again, meanwhile I had been playing Fallout. I figured, hey, I already have done code related things – I should try modelling! Anyways, that was two days ago, and after 10 or so times starting over and over I finally got a result that I liked, only I ran into some issues.
First of all, HLMV crashs as soon as I load the model. When this actually had happened, I couldn’t figure out why (and I still haven’t), so out of frusturation I launched Garry’s Mod and spawned it. It seemed to work as intended, provided you ignored the poor rigging.
After fixing up the rigging somewhat, I tried again. It still didn’t work, but the ragdoll acted well enough in game and I wanted to try using it with an NPC. All the animations seemed to work, but then this happened. As you can see, it’s floating above the ground for some reason.

I suppose I’m wondering if anyone’s run into this before. If anyone needs to look at the QC or anything else, I’ll happily provide all of that! Thanks!