Odd bug that takes away my weapons.

I have this weird bug that takes away all my weapons except physgun and toolgun and camera. So, when I go on construct I only have those 3. (Note this is only in single player.) Some maps even take away all my weapons.
The current mods I have right now (Incase this is the problem)

Extra NPCs (You know like striders, stalkers, ceiling cameras)
Modern Weapons

If you have any solutions please post so.

Try copying all of your addons into a temporary folder and then clean out your addons.

Alright, I don’t know about taking away all your weapons, but chances are you’re losing all your actual guns because at times you’ve got the ‘spawn without weapons’ box checked under settings.

Do you mean you start with weapons and they actually get taken, or you just don’t spawn with weapons?

Because if you simply don’t spawn with them, what abaster said will probably fix it.

sbox_weapons 1/0

Well for some reason this happens to me too.I do realise its the box that says “spawn with no weapons”,but for some reason every time I start gmod all my settings are reset!Including the video settings!

try host_writeconfig and see if it fails