Odd Chat Spam

My friends chat on my server is getting spammed with “Your Garry’s Mod has been hacked! Please contact the developers at http://facepunch.com”. Not sure what’s caused this,
Any help will do,

Remove all addons and add them back one at a time. This will point out the offending addon.

Workshop addons or addons that I’ve added to the folder. Or both of course.

All. any could contain the back door.

It’s probably Advanced Duplicator 2, http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1541562

My host already showed me that, Don’t have Adv. Dupe 2.

To clarify, Advanced Duplicator 2 is great, but the asshole who uploaded it to Workshop added a backdoor to it.

Edit: meant for automerge, whatever…

First remove all workshop addons. If the problem persists then you know it’s your legacy addons. If not, then it’s one of the workshop ones.