Odd DarkRP Glitch

Hello, I was on my dark rp server today and i’m getting this glitch that seems SOOOO bizzare. Everytime a select person shoots their gun THEIR bullets come outside of me like im shooting no matter which weapon I have on. For example i’ll be minding my business and i’ll see bullets start flying out of me like im shooting a gun when I have my physgun out and I hear people complaining that THEIR guns dont work. I got a friend to test this and it is very bizzare, he shot right next to me and nothing came out of his gun but i started shooting like it was his gun. It’s very odd and i’m sorry if I didn’t specify this that clearly because I don’t know what to say myself.


wow you sure are dedicated :v:

have you tried a different version of darkrp?

If you spawn guns from the Q menu, it’ll do that.

Whoa, would of never guessed. That seemed to be the problem! Thanks a lot man!