Odd films.

Hello Facepunch, I am very new here. So new, that “noob” does not even describe. Though I am new here, I am NOT new to Garry’s Mod. Anyways, these are a few videos my friend and I have made over the course of summer break.

Just a small series of odd ways to kill yourself in Garry’s Mod. Nothing to special, and nothing too fancy.

And this one was made a VERY long time ago. I still think it’s pretty classic.

Criticism and comments would be appreciated. Please tell me how I can get better in anyway possible. And if you enjoyed these videos, please do not be afraid to subscribe. I’d love to continue make videos with my best friend Mardigan if we had some supporters and viewers.

-Thank you,

P.S. (I’m not using this for advertising my YouTube account, I’d just like to hear how we are doing. Thank you.)

I take it nobody found this too interesting? You can at least tell us if it sucked. :confused:

It was OK 4/10. The camera work was pretty good, much better the the majority of videos, but the quality of ideas and originality was lacking. It was directly copying 100 ways to die in Garry’s mod. Come up with your own original ideas and have a reason for making the movie. Also, have everything planed out before you start filming to be sure you get the best results fast.


I lol’d so hard at “HANG YOURSELF” and “STATIC SHOCK”. Static Shock was fucking brilliant.

It was similar to 100 ways to die, but I thought it was very creative. However, I personally don’t think these kinds of videos deserve a ‘rating’.

This one was on the upper level of 100 ways to die films, however (top 25% i’d say), I would work more on less HUD issues, and maybe a bit faster-paced.

Some 100 ways to die clones I saw featured a person killing a single NPC with every single weapon in his inventory one time each, and counted each death as a ‘way to die’. Completely fucking retarded.

I’d give you a 7/10. the 7 is just from pure originality with the deaths. The -3 is from the lack of originality from the actual video itself.

Hah, you guys are kind. And we weren’t necessarily trying to copy the original 100 ways to die, we were just trying to get some ideas to push us in a direction. By the way it looks now, the direction is going pretty good. And thanks for the compliments on the camera work, I like that because I am the camera man. xD