Odd Game Crashes :S

When I get shot or a character in the game is injured and the splatter effect is supposed to appear, the game crashes. I figure some of the blood splatter effects must be missing. Anyone know how to correct this problem?


I’d go for a reinstall.

What are your specs?

If you miss a particle, it’s a big problem, and that’s not a joke.
I’m missing the fire particles for over 1 year. It’s really annoying, I reinstaled steam, all my games, etc, but still no particle effect. And guess who doesn’t want to help: Garry.
I PM’d him, I sent his support team a mail

Guess what doesn’t happen? THey don’t help you, there is no support. They totally ignore you, and do like you never mailed.
Even if you make a thread with: “Please garry help me, no one can fix this”, still no answer.
See what a great support this is.

Guarantee it’s a laptop he’s running on.

My friend has pretty much this same issue.
I posted about it before.

Pentium 2 @ 1.6GHz
256 DDR Ram
5GB IDE HDD at 3000rpm
Windows 96

You could barely install GMod and required games with 5GB hard drive space let alone run the game, therefore your attempt at being a comical genius failed :colbert:

Well you’d take about 4GB of ur hdd, including windows steam garrysmod css hl2.

Then you still have the case of running on the game on Windows 96, 256mb DDR RAM and a 1.6GHz Processor…

I wish someone would actually read my thread. :sigh: