odd garrys mod bug because of the css textures

Hey, first of all please excuse my english, im german. I feel like im the only one having this problem. My game started bugging since 3 weeks because of the css textures. If the css game concent is installed, my garrys mod is getting blury as hell every 30 seconds for another 10-15 seconds and im getting low fps while the game gets blury. I tried to play gmod without the css textures and everything works fine, i have solid fps and the game isn’t getting blury. I’ve installed the css gc from kajar so i deleted them from the addons folder and installed css from steam but i have the same problem over and over again. i’ve already resetted my whole system and reinstalled gmod etc. but it doesnt helped at all. Thats odd as hell. I also mailed kajar but he also doesnt really know what the problem is. Does anyone have an idea?

Are you using a content addon or mounting the game through Steam?

First i had the content addon, then i realized that i have css in my steam library (wtf). so i deleted the content addon and mounted css through steam

Verify your CS:S files and physically start up the game afterward. Also, make sure the content pack is completely deleted.

Didn’t helped… Im so confused atm. I mean what could it be? Everything worked fine until the last 3 weeks…

Could you take a video?


Edit Nr.3: I didnt knew that you cant upload a 800x600 video in HD :^). Just watch the Video without fullscreen, should be visible. Sorry

I didn’t really see it, but can you replicate this in single-player? It might just be the server you’re playing on

I couldnt replicate it on grassland for example but on waterworld and on the venator map the bug appeared. Im not a pro at this, but could it be that the bug always appears when Textures from CSS are on sight?