Odd Gmod Issue

So the other day I was installing add-ons and stuff normally, when all the sudden, my HUD was gone. The oddities didn’t end there. A strange cross hair, that looked like 2 semicircles (a low res version of the hl2 crosshair that looked like someone tried to recreate and failed.) that I never installed or added was on my screen. Even after that, I couldn’t rotate a single prop, but could move around normally, and I have a full range of motion when not holding props. I then deleted my gmod folder, and reinstalled and the problem was still there.



UPDATE: Emailed support@garrysmod.org and nothing I’m going to start the process of contacting steam to attempt to clear steam cloud data.

UPDATE: Fixed! Thanks Ard Patrinel! I hate enable joystick checked on accident. Now I feel like an ass for contacting you guys, steam, and the support team. (Which there answers where basically, Clean Gmod or Reinstall, but I do appreciate some effort on their part.)

unnecessary bump.

Rename your garrysmod folder to garrysmodold or something like that then start up Garry’s Mod. It should solve the problem.

I made a video further explaining the issues, I even tried reinstalling steam, Ill update in a second. This is also a bump ;). I am thinking it has something to do with files being saved on the cloud, and It would be nice to be able to kill my steam cloud data, maybe Ill contact Steam Support and see if that helps.

There is a difference between deleting and renaming.

tried it and nothing

Link to your Steam Profile?


I recognize that crosshair. That’s the one I got when I messed around with using my wired XBox 360 controller with GMOD. Check your GMOD settings and make sure it’s not trying to use a joystick/controller.

Fixed it thanks!

Fuck I hate it when people go “Fixed it, thanks!” but don’t offer any insight on HOW.

Anyways, bumping this because a buddy of mine is having the same issue. If anyone has any insight, would appreciate it.