Odd issue: Can't turn on GodMode

Ok, Me and my boyfriend both have Gmod… we baught it together, he gifted it to me. We both live in the same apartment. We also have issues with him being able to host and me not being able to, but that’s not what I’m having issues with.

Yesterday, after some addons were installed, randomly on multiplayer mode, God Mode was turned off. (The box was still selected, however.) We uninstalled the addons. Nothing. We uninstalled Gmod completely and reinstalled it. Nothing again.

The weirdest thing; this wasn’t happening the day before. (The day we GOT Gmod.) I’d left his computer on all day while I tinkered around with a friend in Multiplayer, and neither of us had any issues. Now all of a sudden, we can’t turn on God mode.

Anyone got any ideas? We haven’t done anything different apart, we’ve installed addons together and such.

Maybe Doctor Hax is watching?

sv_cheats 1
in console. Thar ya go!

Did it. Still didn’t work. And yes, I set god 1 for the cheats.

quick edit: That god 1 console command doesn’t work in multiplayer anyway.

Question. Does it say that the command in invalid or does it just do nothing?

Doesn’t do anything. It’ll work in single player, but not multiplayer.

btw, it’s not “god 1” in GMod, it’s just “god”

It toggles back and forth, not like in L4D and L4D2.

Try that.

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Yes, indeed. We do exist. GASP. Even more scary? I’m very much a nerd and I really don’t like being the family computer-tech.

Also, I’ve tried God, god, god 1, and everything else I could think of. Nothing works. :confused:

It’s really irritating… It wouldn’t be the Source server/Team Fortress 2 server that I downloaded, would it? I wouldn’t think so, but they’re one of the things that I did install before all this mess happened.

Try sbox_godmode 1

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I fail to see how i’m trolling.

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Ok, so… it does work. Thanks!