Odd Laser Beam issue

For some reason after the new update that occurred in the past, it has generated a bug. I look at the emitter from the Laser STOOLS addon. the beam shows off like normal. But when I look somewhere that the emitter is not on the screen as in turning away, the beam does not show. It might be a render glitch because it was working with no problems before gmod 12 came out. here are some pics to prove it. the problem also occurs with wire’s ranger and grabber so its really anything that has a beam of a effect beam that causes the issue.

Bumped due to lack of help

Happens to me and my friends too, so yeah, it’s a bug…

it needs to be fixed

This is because Garry clamped the render bound distance to stop extremely large render bounds crashing gmod.

Someone will have to code it so it calculates render bounds properly.

ill give it a shot. can you tell me where I can look for the render bounds code in the addon?