Odd letter problems in GMod 9

I play Gmod 9, and I encounter this problem tons. I tried searching google, but I couldn’t find any help.

The problem is that a lot of letters, numbers and such are replaced by boxes. Also, in the background on the Q menu, when your spawning stuff, there’s stuff in the background and I sometimes can’t see what objects are in the drop down menu I chose.

Any help on either of these problems?

  1. Buy GMod 10

  2. There’s a fix for this on this forum. Search it.

But seriously, GMod 9 isn’t supported GMod 9 (at least by Team Garry) so it’d be best to buy gmod 10

I searched for “Gmod 9 letter fix” and came up with random crap that has nothing to do with Gmod 9.

I’m sorry i don’t have the file because i don’t have gmod 9 anymore. But seriously
by gmod 10. It has little to no bugs, and seems to run better. It would be the best $10 you’ve ever spent. And the color mod doesn’t hurt either (gmod 10 has a ‘far superior’ color mod)

I would buy it, but I am without means to buy it.

every time you join a game or host a game in gmod 9 type “net_graph 3” into the console it prevents the text corruption

To Black Cell: he didn’t ask if he should buy gmod 10 he asked how to fix his problem

I understand this, it was just my suggestion because i had no other solution, considering i don’t have the font fix file anymore. So don’t whine.


And I gave my suggestion on searching the file anyway

I had the same problem with boxes for letters in MY gmod 9. It happens after you have been playing a while.

My sollution? BUY GMOD 10 =D

go to yoursteamname/sourcemods/gmod9 and then go in to the gameinfo and change the steamappid 225 (or whatever it says ) to 215, that fixes the weird letters and after 1 day u can play in multiplayer servers

If you want to buy gmod 10, but don’t have a credit card or your parents won’t let you use theirs, just go to the nearest grocery store and buy with cash a 10 dollar gift card.

Check the post dates.

Nice bump. Anyways, this happened to me a lot on Gmod 9. net_graph 3 in console fixes this.

2 year bump, nice.

Well actualy 9 - 6 = 3.Also since the last post before bump is february and the bump is december its nearly 4 year bump!NEW RECORD!
PS.Ater so much time…have you bought gmod 10!?

Does this work for gmod 13 as well? I got that error now, it’s like mmm 5 years bump?

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