Odd lighting errors

I’ve been getting random light sources appear in my map, I notice that they are the same colour as the environment light so it’s possible that for some reason brushes are not blocking light correctly? My map is very large and has almost filled the brush limit and func_detail limit. There are NO errors in the compile log.

Here’s a screenshot example of the issue:


The light in that room is an yellow light_spot, as you can see the room is mostly blue and has some random shadows as well.

Why is this happening, is it due to the high brush count?


with your enviroment_light how blue is the ambient colour and its brigtness ? the blueness could be the shadow from the light_spot try adding a normal light entity with constant at 1 with a colour of medium grey and brightness of 10 under the light spot to cancel out the blueish colour

The environment light has an ambient setting of ‘103 143 184 78’