Odd OpenAura bug.

Alright, so let me put this in short, I’ve been working with OA for a while now but I’ve never seen anything like this bug, basically what it is is the guns I am adding to HL2RP for a community work completely fine in singleplayer, animations for walking and everything but when I use the weapons in OA it becomes the dreaded T-Shape, anyone know a fix?

Note: He does hold the gun, it’s also not a crotch gun.


SWEP.holdtype = “AR2”
should be
SWEP.holdtype = “ar2”

Hi there, please use OpenAura’s official support system. It keeps Facepunch from being clogged up with OpenAura threads, plus you’ll get a faster and better response. Cheers!

Ah, hello Conna, I’ve used your system in the past but never got responded to, thanks for linking me, cheers!

Well guys, When you use leaked gamemodes… This is what to expect…
Conna is right for saying you will only get support if you buy it through his portal…

I own it legitly, therefore I don’t mind using the ticket support of c16.

lol @ ding

This isn’t an OpenAura bug, it’s a bug with the weapon itself.