Odd problem with axised wheels

I like trains… So I make trains, and that’s where I ran into this issue. There’s this odd thing where the wheels “dig” into the ground for some reason whenever the train starts moving (especially at higher speeds). It doesn’t seem to depend on the map, as it happens on any map (gm_construct_flatgrass_v6-2, freespace_revolution, etc.). I have a feeling this may have to do with the weight, but I’m not sure. The wheels are PROP wheels, not the TOOL wheels, and are axised to one of those things under a train that have the wheels. This seems to happen on both smaller and larger trains, for some reason. I hope there’s somebody out there who can help me with this. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

EDIT: By the way, the train moves with thrusters on the actual part where people ride, not the part where the wheels attach.

Make sure the thrusters aren’t forcing the train into the ground.
I loved making trains too, sometimes you might even need to add thrusters pushing slightly upwards.

One way you can fix this is to ice, or super ice, the wheels via the object properties tool. This helps extremely, by the way, and don’t worry it will not make your train slide forever, as mine can have a weight on top and it will slow at quite a quick rate anyway. Varies on train, weight, and where that is of course…but yes, definitely recommend icing/super icing your wheels. If that doesn’t work, weld them (unless theyre a steam train then GG) so that they can still turn around a corner, just not spin as if they have collision, which you might as well do considering they’l lbe super iced and it’d look weird anyway.

Hm, I’ll make sure it’s not doing that. What about Wiremod Motors, by the way? Would that work?

I already tried the “welded, still, sliding wheels” method, it works nice and smooth, but I kind of wanted to try to make it as realistic as possible by adding rotating wheels, not still wheels, and maybe a brake on it.

By the way, would some screenshots help?

Show some anyway :slight_smile:
There does tend to be a problem though when people want to create a high speed train while using wheels that rotate. It gets to a point where it is recommended that if you want a fast train, its best not to use rotating wheels, I’ve learned this myself.