Odd Stretching (possibly Weighting?) Issue

I have already posted this in Pokemon Ragdoll thread, but I didn’t get any leads.

Does anyone know what’s causing this issue? The rest of the ragdoll works just normally. It’s just the hand bones and that skirt bone are acting very weirdly.



Now here’s the twist, the skirt bone and the hand bones isn’t even part of the physics mesh. I used Advanced bone tool to move those bones. And even if I properly weighted the hand bones, it will still act the same thing as if I didn’t put in the physics mesh at all.

EDIT: Turns out this model also has the same issue with the hand bones, although to a lesser extent.



So does anyone know a solution to this problem?

how you assigned the weights to the model? painted? might be worth checking the weights for that vertices. make sure they only have that one bone weight on it. maybe you have a function in your toolbox to limit the weights per vertex to 1. that should remove most wrong ‘dual’ or ‘triple’ weigths. maybe you still gotta go thru the whole list of bones in a weight paint tool. that one that shows you the weights as color. if you got holes or ‘spikes’ in the ‘color’… those are probably of wrong bones. you gotta subtract the wrong one and paint the weight for the correct bone.

that how that usually is being fixed.