Odd texture look, shiny charple player model.

Well, I was messing around with commands, thinking they would go back to normal after I restart gmod, everything did, except there are weird texture looks. Whenever I wield a gun with CSS hands, the hands are shiny, and some guns look like they are very overly metallic. I’ve restarted gmod, reformated gmod and it’s still like this. Also my charple player model is shiny (the burned dude). Is there a console command to revert all textures, materials or just EVERYTHING to default?

here is a shot in flatgrass, on the side of the concrete block, this is happening in other places such as floors and walls, but not all of them;


Also, some things look like there is a layer of gloss on them.



What graphics card do you have? I had a similar problem until I got a new card.

nvidia 6150se. I’m in the process of upgrading, but this was never a problem before. Maybe redownload drivers?

Nope. New drivers and still the problem. I know its a console command but I don’t know which. Not even cleaning gmod worked

Delete the cfg folder in your garrysmod folder.