Oddest Thing After Game Loaded

So I just tried to log into the US East server. The bundles loaded and I can’t play but this is what I see. The shadow looks like some kind of monster/bear inside the warehouse.

Like I said though, this is all I see. I’m not actually in-game. Very strange.

Question, are you running a mac? because me and other friends use macs and get this. whereas my other friends with windows work fine… Wonder if that is anything to do with it

im on a PC and its doing the same, just on a EU server

hmmmm. there goes my theory.
I heard that it had some relevance to the next update, but why would it stop us playing just to show us this?

I do use a mac but I’ve never seen this until tonight.

It’s the background of the menu. Pressing ESC possibly brings up the menu.

i tried that, it comes up with


I tried all 3 but exit did nothing, options opened the options menu. And play game opened a server browser, but with no servers listed

It means you’ve failed to connect to the server and are getting the new menu background instead of, you know, the game.

man a picture of the inside of the building would be great. you know show us that space there is empty or something

Im having this same issue, and its all ive been getting since the update. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, it would be very much appreciated!

Any idea how to fix it?

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This is really starting to get on my nerves, because since the maps were wiped my stuff is gone, by the time i get back on everyone will be geared like hell.

Im on my friends laptopl (windows 8 ) . After 100% waited 15min approx and we joined and saw the same thing as the first post. Any fix ? Someone help!

ok guys i’m gonna be super serial. its a new monster they’re adding to the game, i’m totally serial here. the new monster is…