Ode to The Bill

I’m not spoiling anything, by now everyone and their grandma has played The Passing for Left 4 Dead 2. as for me? I thought it was ** BAAAAD** I’ve never been so let down by VALVe, I thought Crash Course was fun. but still!
anyways, enough griping I made this after playing through it…
play the music, do it!

or this provided by: ** Reno360**

:cheers: to Bill
all in-game btw

Thought this also worked.

bill :frowning:
did anyone else find his dead body? wuz he like charged?

I missed it on my first runthrough, but then heard where to find it so I looked again and saw his dead body… then made a sad face.


It looked more like he was shot or severely injured, then dragged to where he was, judging by the blood.

i really thought he was charged there, but i found it from looking for the boxes to open

Seriously, why is no one caring to spoiler tag anything?

You can thank me for that.

because the tile explains itself, i mean ode to bill is like a warning saying hey something tramatic probably happened to him in the passing therefore having lots of people post about this shit
its not a big deal anyway, its not the end of the world or anything

With bill dead there isn’t much left for me in left 4 dead, he was my bro…

Why do my bros in games and movies allways die!

The Bill model picks up in-game lighting so nicely.

In my first play-trought: I followed the trail of blood and at the end was bill’s dead body, that made me kind of sad.

Made me d’aw.

I just wish Francis would of died though, that greasy biker bitch is annoying. Bill is so much better in every way possible.

This is like Eli Vance all over again :frown:

Bill will always have a special place in my heart. RIP, old man.


Was a fun ride GI Joe.