Odessa's Fishing Trip

Awesome would have been better in HD though.

I liked it.

I just uploaded it, it takes a while for the HD option to show up

awesome 8/10

The original video has been re-uploaded!

nicely made. good job

Awesome 10/10 mate.

I don’t know why, but the floating buoy made the scenes where he’s doing nothing like 10x better. I liked it, but it could have been longer.

holy shit where did you find that awszum pirate ship model


dang, I don’t know why the High Quality option isn’t showing up…I did some research and found other people that uploaded videos to YouTube recently are having the same problem

sorry guys, you’ll just have to watch the low quality version for now :frowning:

I actually enjoyed that very much.

Good work.

That was great. What is with this spam of amazing videos latly.

he’ll never sleep while fishing anymore
nice video =D

I really like how you manipulate the ragdolls.

Very nice!


thanks guys i love making these short films

Again very nice on this one.

Pirates Vikings Knights II