ODST drop pod model

I need an odst drop pod model. Could you please hand me one? EMAIL: sam123486@yahoo.com

I’ve already got a friend working on one, You really should go through posts in the future… People 'round these parts don’t take kindly to people who don’t search for threads of the same topic of your post, Just for future references.

I searched twice, but couldn’t find a model for myself. I know you’re talking about the cheese’s one, the one from the bf2142 pod. I need one for myself.

slow but still progressing

new shoulder texture

*image removed

that sure looks like an odst, not a odst pod.

i know but its more like a bump…:slight_smile: i just hope this can inspire someone to do the drop pod. and i had too many tabs open and i lost track of what thread i was posting in… lol

image removed

in the mean time?