ODST map idea (please read. i dont know how to make maps so map makers read this.)

so i had this idea where we can have a map for like ODST training. so first u would spawn in a room(like everyone else) and their will be a big screen and its showing this video. http://www.youtube.com/user/Darkshifter98#p/f/4/8wKbM_8kWUo
after the video is done the doors open and they start doing training and crap. the training can be whatever but i do have a suggestion for one of the training courses. you have to be an advanced ODST to do this training thing so u go in a pelican(which the pelican i have is adv dupe) and u fly up to a crusier and get in a drop pod and start the decent to a planet and they u have to get out and shoot some dumys when u land. tell me what u think and what could be improved.

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