ODST Rifle Drill

Can someone please be as kind as to place some muzzleflashes on the rifles??

Why would they be shooting their rifles like that?
Bit dull, though I know what look you’re going for.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byq99w5drGg I was trying to imitate this

I like how they’re all fucking clones.

And my hope for seeing custom ODST dress uniforms tonight goes down the drain.

you WISH

Not so much of wishing, I do have the skill and the approiate source images to make an accurate reskin. However, time is not on my side. And seeing as I’m the only one that’s ever done any dress uniforms for source, I was just hoping that it wouldn’t fall on my shoulders.

The task is yours and yours alone, brave skinner.

Stay true to the path of righteousness, and you shall not fail.

These…these are commies!

Kill the nazis?.. aliens?.. commies?.. Aah never mind. Let’s all grouphug…

Wow I wish Halo was anything like that trailer.

Uhhh dude that’s not a drill that’s a 7 gun salute they do that when you die :S

love the idea, hate the models.

Why do they look like they’re nut-to-butt?

In any case, bit dull. Brighten it up, re-angle the camera.