ODST Soldier Player

Hellooooo everyone! I have acquired an odst ragdoll in Garrys Mod and guess what??? I want to make it a player model. It is a little low res and bulky for Gmod, but it can probably be scaled down. It is not rigged either so that will also have to be done.

Im kind of stupid so I can’t post a picture at the moment, no clue how.

But of course you are.

OK…Anyone? C’mon!!!

Something makes me suspicious… Maybe its how you cant post pictures, or how you say you “aquired” it.

I think he means this

Hes completely right, it’s lilwasas odst.

Its not mine, it’s Medrop’s. I only did the rigging.

Lilwasa do you know anyone who is willing to do the rigging on an HL2 Skeleton???

No, not really.

C’mon ya’ll lets make this happen!