ODST, where has it gone

Was/is there any good Halo~ODST RP servers up? I figure with the ODST drop pod SENT there would be at least one.

I wouldn’t see it going anywhere

o god
i was an admin of an ODST RP server

Bah, is it used in space build at all?

i wish we could code gamemodes deeper into the game. Then we could have some awesome RP gamemodes,

was it a darkrp edit where everyone had m4a1’s and there was a ‘odst commander’ class with a spartan model

ODST RP…Great in concept. I’ve yet to see one that isn’t a DarkRP edit with 12 year old illiterate kids yelling about how the commander can’t be corrupt as stated in the rules and how grunts must not fight back and be killed.

My Mass Effect 2 servers will have something very very similar when its out. Cerberus shock troops in place of odsts.

I used to play on an ODST RP server, it used Piescript or something like that, where you needed flags and such to actually fight and all the combat was admin-events via missions and such. I was a Corpsman, and it all was good until an admin got kinda pissed one day from an arguement with an idiot and PKed a few people (myself included) in a matter of minutes from a random gunfight.

Tried to find the server a week later, and it was gone. Haven’t seen it since.

I played an ODST server a long time ago when I was browsing servers on rp_salvation (the first one), was pretty cool being a civilian hanging out in the bunker with a bunch of ODSTs while they did some shit. Don’t remember it very well, it was some time after my time on Campin’ Carl’s post-apoc server and before Osiris.

Someone made a cakescript one a year ago I remember.

Any server with Halo or RP in the title is bound to be a disaster.