ODST's in an apartment


whered you get the odst? and nice pic

nice, although I’m not sure the visor would glow like that, or at least that much.

screw the odst, where’d you get the elite? :aaa:

its the halo 2 elite on gmod.org

I don’t think it is. look at the helmet, the shoulders and the chest.

no it is

no its not, look.


halo 2 version

halo 3 version

No it isn’t, it’s the Halo 3 elite. This pose was probably made to test the ODST and Elite models. Still a good pose nonetheless.

Good posing, a tad bit generic and the editing needs some work. Have a palette.


It’s Halo 3.

It looks nothing like that model.


Back on topic, the flashlight and the light given off the helmet are too thick.

No it isn’t, how do I know? I ported it. :v:

On topic:

I really love the pose and editing, probably one of my favorites Hunter! Nice job!

It looks nice, but I’m not a fan of that glow from the helmet. It doesn’t glow at all to be accurate, but it looks nice nonetheless

Since you scale up your pictures it’s like I’m looking at someone else’s job, good work.
And bad work on the model they look like shit because there’s a huge


written on them.

Stop being butthurt because it’s an un-released model, just appreciate the nice pose.

I did. :v:

Oh hey is that an assault rifle that’s actually well made?