Of maps and weapons

Hey everyone,

Just came here to ask you guys something. As the owner of a rather popular server I wanted to know little things about … things:

1) There’s a lot of maps I like and would like to add on the server I run, problem is, some of the maps are waaay too large and that would confuse the people playing on it (this is a 16-slot server so some maps are really too big). Basically, I wanted to know if it is possible to take a map, and restrict some areas, so that only some parts of the map are available to go in, and without deleting it of course.

*Example: Map “A” is a large map composed of 4 areas (1,2,3,4). To make it smaller I want to restrict area “3” and area “4”. *

Is the process I just described possible to execute ?

If it is, how could I do it ? Which functionnality should I use ?

2) Another thing, I would like to change weapon stats, namely, the damage a weapon does, the damage it does considering the distance where the shooter shoots, the acurracy etc.

*Example: Weapon-A does 80 damages, I want it to make 60 damages. And Weapon-A does 50 damages when shot at long-distance “x”. I want it to make 20.
Is it possible to change weapon stats in that way ?

Well, that’s all.

I hope I posted in the right section of the forum, I read all the warnings and stuff, I’m a little stupid though I might get banned.

Have a nice day !