Off-road armored scouting vehicle

I was experimenting with four-wheel steering (like the warthog in halo) and suspension, and after I made a working system, I made this:

^^This is why I’m not in the posing section.

^^a pic of it turning

^^the frame

It’s kind of a beta, so if anyone has any suggestions, they would be welcome.

EDIT: Pics work nao

This is just karbine’s tut with a mediocre body on it.

Yeah, it’s probably not the best thing I’ve built, but I thought it looked pretty good.

it’s good to see that people are using my tutorial

Yeah, Im kind of a complete noob at suspension, and that technique is pretty easy. I did use a slightly different steering technique, though.

Body is meh, but a decent use of knowledge nonetheless.

Just a meh for now, but it has potentential, that car looks similar 2 things I used 2 build