Off the Beaten Path

Loving the z-depth. Wish it wasn’t so grainy though (I think you overdid it).

Excellent stuff, man.

love it

eeh i think the grain looks pretty good tbh, not a lot of people agree but i sort of find the grain to be aesthetically appealing when it radiates in between light to dark like that

grains fine

Glad you guys like it. I might make a tutorial for this soon, the way I set up my screenshots for editing, I have massive control over lighting, DOF, grain, atmosphere, fog, sky, etc. For example, I can completely change the look of the image if I want to (turning off the lantern and redoing levels to reflect day light).

[ Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Swamp/Alt_Preview.jpg]( Contests/ScreenshotEdits/Swamp/Alt_QHD.jpg)

Hate the grain; everything else aside from the boat shading is fookin gret.