Offer for developers

Players have been asking, as far as I can remember, for two years that developers give their answers about modding the game, whether they will do it for example in a year or two years.

I would like to offer developers a monetary reward for their work,

We are players, we want to be able to do whatever we want on our servers, such as making our own models and adding them to the game, new weapons, clothing, systems, nps, transportation, and so on. I hope @garry will give his official answer, whether we should wait for this in the rust or it will not happen.

What’s your proposed rate?

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Мне нужен ответ Гарри, будет ли он вообще делать modding tools для rust.

There are already enough tools in Rust, you just need to find them :wink:

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I was told that we can’t add our weapons, systems, interfaces, clothes, etc. So I’m looking for people or developers to make cool tools for the game.

Rust is extremely moddable, take this game for example, it was completely made using Rust and released as a standalone.


But still, until I saw some large-scale modifications for servers, hopefully in a year or two, in rust will make normal modding