Offer for Scripters

I need someone that knows Lua and Garrysmod very well and will do work for me (Im not planning on doing something super serious, I just want you to edit and add somethings). The catch is I can’t pay you but I can offer you admin on the server shrugs Just email me at if you’re interested. I think it sounds fair :slight_smile:

Since you guys are nagging “What do you want added and edited” . . . Well here’s the list:

  • I want a Respected User Menu With:
    Hats, Items, and maybe some other goodes.
  • I know if I say this im gonna get trolled the hell out of but, I want Dark RP edited (Minor Things that I can’t seem to do myself because the way it was written ) … w00t there it is troll on! --Seriously though if you don’t have anything of value to say please keep the shit to yourself–
  • And possibly some other things…

—If you’re interested contact me VIA email please than Ill add you on steam and we’ll discuss what you can do—

Look, again…Im not looking for the peanut gallery and the usual bunch going “learn it yourself, we did” Great for you! I can’t because Im not that kinda person that can learn from sitting there and reading tutorials for who knows how long. There’s alot more involved in scripting from what I’ve observed and all that good stuff that I don’t quite know yet. I don’t see anything wrong with you edited a few things for me and getting admin, It should take a few hours of your time and you get admin on a server and you can take allll the credit you want for the gamemode / scripts and you could even post it in the MOTD, I don’t care. I just want a few hours of your time for some help. So if you’re not looking to help me … Get out

Just learn Lua yourself instead of being lazy.

This man speaks the truth.

seriously, i dont see why people cant help him, im not great with lua. still working on it but there is no reason to be a jerk! ill help a little

He complained that nobody helped within 18 hours, when he offers no information on what he needs help with, requests that you contact him.

About sums up my reasoning for that.

Dude, their not being jerks. Just find a Tutorial and learn it yourself, Thats what i did for everything man.
I mean your on FacePunch like the best site for tutorials and your asking someone to script lua for you and it would take you like another 30 second to find a tutorial and do it yourself. Fair out man.


“I’m too damn lazy to learn LUA. Someone do it for me. Heres my email.”

OP right there, folks.


“Here’s a vague idea. You spend hours trying to make it reality while I criticize how it’s not exactly like I wanted. Now let me take all the credit.”

Wrong, I just got 2 dumb ratings so I was kinda like thanks, you call me dumb for asking for help? Sorry, 7 all together now, and why should it matter what I need help with? … If you want to help me and get admin you would just email and say yes and than I would tell you its nothing big…also what’s wrong with them contacting me?


Great, gratz to you man. I can’t learn it myself, I can’t sit down and read tutorials but, I dont mind asking for help. Look, Im looking for someone to simply edit / add some things and in turn get admin on the server. Im not looking to take credit. I want a fun server for people to play on and I can’t do that myself because I have no scripting skills whatsoever nor do I have the intention span to do so. So, You help me I told you I’d give you admin on the server and you get to say “I edited and made this server pretty much what it is, so fuck off! w00t” So can you guys stop trolling my thread and give me someone that will help me or simply not bother with this thread?

But it would really help if we’d know what we’ll have to do. Is there a problem with telling us?

somon mite steel his idea

Hmmm, normally I agree with you guys but since im a new scripter myself I know that its hard to start.
He´s probably looking for someone who can help him out live through steam with any newb questions like : how do I create a vgui. As for the basic stuff, I can help you

xyro18 on steam

Idea stealing journal at the ready.

You got me, I posted my ideas…steal them!

I don’t know LuA, I only know Lua.

Hey cow…Learn to read :slight_smile:

That is rude, just use the term ‘piss off’

I basically told him that, but in my own words.

Its things like this that make me not want to offer any help.