[OFFER] Free Webhosting


Well, with my host, I pre-paid 6 months of a “reseller” account, so I might as well use it. Basically I can give people their own cPanel accounts, but I’m not allowed to charge money for it (I wouldn’t charge for it even if I was allowed). Pics below.

Who is the host?

I am using Site5. What plan? “HostPro + Turbo”.

Will you buy me a domain?

Naw, sorry. You can get a free www.co.cc (that’s what I’ve used in the past) domain, or use a subdomain of mine (yoursite.the-revive.com - it would probably be nicer to use co.cc).[/release]

[release]Cool story. Proof?



[release]So I get my own cPanel?

Basically. They call it “SiteAdmin”, and all of the icons are always on the left side (a hell of a lot easier to use), but it’s cPanel.

What limitations do I get?

Space: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 100 GB

FTP Accounts: 5
Email Accounts/Lists: 15/5
SQL Databases: 10
Remote MySQL: YES
Sub Domains: 5
Parked Domains: 5
Domain Pointers: 5

Dedicated IP: $2 one time, paid via PayPal (IPs aren’t free)
CGI Access: Yes
SSH Access: YES
Frontage Extensions: Yes (does anyone use this anymore?)

[release]What can I use this for?

Honestly, I don’t care. FastDL, hosting a community site, file downloads, whatever. Just make sure it’s legal in the UK (where the hosting is), and it doesn’t break Site5’s TOS.[/release]

[release]Ok, I want in!

Send a PM
Add me on MSN (snip)
Send me an E-Mail (snip)
OR just post here that you are interested and I’ll contact you[/release]

Everyone must be misunderstanding what i’m doing, i’m actually designing sites and throwing them on zymic hosting for clans not actually giving them the free hosting (although they do get FTP access to the servers). But hey, fancy letting me use one of them, although zymic is good i’m sure this would be considerably faster.

Oh and btw i’m Adzter, this is my alt acc since i was banned.

Oh I see. My bad, I was wondering why you were posting sites that you hosted xD.

But if you want to team up with me, I’ll just give you your own account and you can do whatever from there.

Sure, I’ll add you on Windows Live Messenger.

hi i may be interested, but what do you mean by dedicated ip? is that needed, or what benefit is there. thanks

EDIT may i add you on steam?

Dedicated IP means that the website IP is its own, so it isn’t shared between a lot of sites. It can be useful if someone decides to DDOS the shared IP, as they can null-route it and your site won’t go offline. I have yet to find a use, but the option is there if you want it.

ok thanks may i add you on steam?

Basically no other site shares your IP

You can try, but if I stop responding or just log out, Ubuntu shot it.

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No requests :saddowns:

Derp, i accidently added .co.uk instead of .com

That’ll do it.

Ok, send a friend request, think i’ve got it right this time.

Nothing here :saddowns:

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You sure you got it right?

god darkness-p @ hotmail.com

no spaces (no derp)

hi i added you on steam, if it dont work then i will pm you or add you on win live.

2 people just added me on MSN, I think Ubuntu shat itself and didn’t add them :frowning:

I sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Me too

3 more people added, including Orange :slight_smile:

I’d take one!

I believe I’m hosting 6 sites now, and I get unlimited, so keep the requests coming :slight_smile: