"Offer from a stranger" - The Slenderman.

picture music

only ingame editing as always.

Hahahahah that is amazing. Nice work.

hahaha nice.

Coolio picio.

Wow this surely is original.
Really nice posing! You got the body like that using Inflator tool and no collide or something else? :o

Very creative, very nice, awesome all around man!

Very nice, I tought Slenderman has a face D:

There we go :smiley:

Looks great, the arms don’t seem to clip visibly, and that with ingame editing only.

“If you wish to accept this offer I am sure you will be delighted with the results”

His legs near his feet are clipping.

they supposed to look like they are touching.

Is that a model? I want a release.

LOL nice.

Hey, thats not creepy at all :smiley:

Very nice, practically shit myself

Who made the ragdoll for Slenderman?

Super phong to the rescue!

Looks great.

Ok I am scared, weirded out, at reminded of Psycho Mantis all at one time, artistic and points for originality for you.

what the actual…
link to the model?
i’d like to get this six armed guy