Offering 40 slot to Clan (CLANS ONLY!)

If you can fill it, be my guest. It can’t be 24 hours but it can be 12-20 hours a day and I will install any mods you want.

jesus christ, where to start.

Mods installed:
lotsa crazy shit

GTX 275
AMD Phenom II 955 oc’d to 4GHz
8GB ddr2 1066MHz
2x1TB 10K rpm in raid0
all i need to say to prove its good


40 dl 5-8 ul (depending on whether i feel like downloading pr0n :wink: )

Hump de bump doop bodu
Bump de hump doop bop
Hump de bump doop bodu

Anthony Kiedis demands a bump

GTX 275…

W00t, your hosting on your gaming pc. Your so brilliant!.

Expect tons of lag.

Graphics card doesn’t matter on a server lol.

I know, I won it in the PNY give away thing and I already had a 285 for my gaming thing so it’s in there until someone buys it on ebay.

Sold for a couple days to a nice young man. at least… i think it was