Offering a 20 slot build server to a clan.

I have a 20 slot gmod server and I would like it to be populated unlike my failure of a CSS server. So if you have a clan that needs a server yet lacks the funds, post here.

I’m looking for a fairly sized clan, say 20+ members, so it will be populated at times. What I’m not looking for is a bunch of clans with under 8 members looking for a free server. The server is build focused and will play on a map with land and water, probably ps_hugeflatconstruct.

Please understand that this is still my server, so don’t expect that I will hand over Control panel access or the rcon password. I also have some friends who will be admins. They won’t be removed, don’t ask.

If you are interested post a link to your clan’s steam group page.

Well, I’d do it but we already have a build :o

Well my community needs a build server, We already have our own 32 slot server with our own Role Play script. Also, we on working on a website. We don’t have alot of members but we have not been asking people to join. Once our website is up we will easily have over 50 members. I was going to start a build server today too. But I guess we have 2 RP servers and 1 build? (Oh yea It’s not a crappy webs one it’s a .com lol.

Questions people should be asking: Dedicated host server or home connection? What are the dl/ul speeds?

Dedicated Host, unknown speeds.

Go to or gtfo.

debmaster, Hey ill help you code and populate it, what is your steam and ill add you.

I’m renting the server from so I do not know the speeds.

Please provide a link to your clan’s steampage or website.

There appears to be no TOS on

debmaster do you want to join us? We have alot of people who would like to join a build server. Plus I am running a really good evocity server right now, So I have some followers on my friend list that join every game I join.

This won’t work, Both the sets of admins will clash and it will turn into a complete nightmare. Thoughtful of you though for giving it out.

It’s a simple name change of his server, I only have three main Admins Looter, ven0m and I. If he wants it could be so, I get admin on his server, he gets admin on mine. Which works perfectly.

@Cairns : It could work, providing the clan remember its not their server, and they don’t own it. That way Debmaster would stay in complete control.