Offering cheap, Solid Garrysmod server hosting

[Copied from another section, Since server hosting advertisement is apparently not allowed there]

Hi everyone, My name is Archemyde and i own, Along with all its servers.
I host these servers on a VPS from a very solid company, but i have way more space potential than i need, So i thought id do the community a favor and allow you all to rent 3-4 servers out for super cheap, With no catches.

I’ll host a Dallas based server for 50c a slot with no base price. From a very solid company,
Great stats, very stable, FastDL, Mysql databases, 24/7 support, autoinstallers, full control, Everything you’d ever need for any gmod server. Here’s the website so that you can see their testimonials:

(Note on the Fastdl - All of the content for your fast download will be stored on FastDL Syncing is a semi-autonomous process, so this should not be a problem in the least.)

This is hosted off of my own bought VPS from this company, And im barely using any of it. I just need enough clients/income to cover 53$ a month, So 50c a slot is reasonable for me.
I can do any slot ammount, from 4 slots to 64 slots. (Please refrain from buying a bunch of 4 slot 2$ servers!)
34 slots = 17$ /mo
64 slots = 32$ / mo

This company also has a very user-friendly, custom user panel. No crap like gamepanel or TCadmin.
Here’s some of the servers im hosting on it, Just so you can check out how stable they are / pings and such:
(These are servers from my own community)

This isnt just for Garry’s Mod. I can host any source server for you for the same price. (Not counting zombie master 1.2.1, Slot Abilities Vary)

There really is no catch. It really is cheap because i only really need enough to pay for the VPS itself. I can guarantee that you will find a very hard time finding another company that can match this price.
I cannot guarantee that this offer will always be up, Since i can only host for a couple clients. Buy as soon as possible!
Please contact me if you are interested: