Offering Game Servers

So in the next week or two I’ll be offering game servers. I’m not in this to get rich or anything, I’m aiming to break even and have a fun time as well. I’ll list some details here and you can send me a PM if you’d like to reserve a server or if you want more details.

Box Specifications:
E3-1270v3 @ 3.5Ghz (8MB of L3 cache)
120GB SSD + 500GB WD Blue
1Gbit Connection speed
333TB Bandwidth (don’t ask me why)
32GB of RAM @ 1333Mhz
Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop

General Information
$0.40/slot for all listed games
Open Game Panel w/ WHMCS
Free MySQL upon request
Automatic Setup
Minimum 10 slots
No installation fees
Located in Atlanta, US

Supported Games
-Counter-Strike Source
-Garry’s Mod
-Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
-Minecraft (Maybe)
-Team Fortress 2

If you contact me with the game server you’d like and how many slots you intend to get I can give you a recurring 10% discount. I’m also always looking for people to help out and if you do you can get 10% off any server or 20% from someone’s first month payment if you refer them. The payments will be through PayPal.

333TB Bandwith = 333 FP Posts?
Also why payments only through paypal?

It’s my preference and works best for me. People can also use credit cards, they’re just processed with PayPal.

Do you have any proof? You might be lying.

At the moment, most of it is a work in progress and I have people that can vouch for me not being a fraud. I have a contact who’ll be setting me up with the dedicated server with the specs I listed in a week or two. I’m also finishing school this week then I’ll be focusing on this some more. People only have to contact me with the game they want, slotage, and a way to contact them and I’ll get back to them in a week or two and apply the discount.

You haven’t stated the location.

Oh! Sorry about that. The location will be Atlanta.

Sorry for the double post but I just want to keep people aware of my progressions. I’ve been getting a good sum of reservation so if I get enough then I’ll be lowering the prices. I also registered a business that I was planning on doing before I considered server hosting, but now seemed the latest I can go without doing so.

Why the actual fuck do you use Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop?

And what’s up with the 32GB of RAM? That’s a huge overkill for SRCDS servers which at most uses 700MB each.
Why be one of the hundreds of other GSP’s with that WHMCS installation and not develop a PayPal IPN service yourself and hook it into OGP’s server create functions?

I know you’ve been handing out a few free servers, but really, you need to work a bit harder to deserve to advertise here in my opinion.

I’m using Desktop because a few people I know that wanted to run Clockwork said that’s the only Linux Distro that works with Clockwork (sadly). The 32GB of RAM is what my contact offered me. I’ve actually considered making my own panel, seems like it would be fun. Before I start working on my own panel I have to finish up some client managing software that I’m overhauling at the moment. I’m not doing this to make money or get popular, I just want to try and break even and have fun with this as well as hopefully get some experience for people that are volunteering. If you have any suggestions for how I can improve my services that I’ll soon be providing, please let me know.

Clockwork should be able to run on Linux with the new Linux Binaries C16 added. Either way, Clockwork won’t work on any Linux distro if that was the case. The only difference between the desktop and server distro is the GUI, so I don’t see any reason why it should work on the desktop version without Wine.

As for my suggestions; install the server distro of ubuntu because you’re wasting hardware resources on GUI.

People reported problems on C16’s forums about it not working but I’ll take your word for it and try it on Server instead of Desktop. I’ll make a note about it here on whether it works or not.

So my contact wasn’t able to get me the dedicated server I mentioned earlier at Atlanta and instead offered other locations for higher prices which I couldn’t do. Because of this I’ve had to make a few changes to my specifications I’ll be providing (both good and bad):

E3-1230v2 @ 3.3Ghz instead of E3-1270v3 @ 3.5Ghz
No SSD + HDD, just a HDD now
4Gbps DoS/DDoS protection instead of 1Gbps
16GB RAM instead of 32GB RAM (not a really big problem)
5TB bandwidth instead of 333TB
Chicago, US instead of Atlanta, US

Everything else is the same.

will match the same pricing at
180gbit/s DDoS Protected
Powerful Network & Machines

Reach out over Steam (uhrussian) or Skype (uhrussian) for the discount!

Is every random guy now attempting to be a new server host in an already saturated market?
At least don’t spam forums with your links or even spam private messages such as SuB-Revolt is doing.

If I was considering to rent a server, I especially wouldn’t trust people that can’t even follow simple rules.

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And no, don’t pull your “but we have to get our name out there” excuse.
Do some legitimate marketing. You can even do that without having a budget and without breaking rules of a forum or whatever.

I have everything setup and ready to go. Send me a PM if you want details on how to order.

Why Such a Debi Fucking Downer, Who cares if he wants to advertise his newly up and running hosting company. So what if its a saturated market, how did those big companies like NFO get started, probably just like this. Let the man do what he wants i am sick of ass holes like you on this site that constantly post negative posts for absolutely nothing. You are not helping anyone with your dumb ass comments so just stop.

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“The site’s security certificate is not trusted!”

I’m using my own generated SSL encryption, it’s saying that because it wasn’t issued by an authorized issuer. Besides that, the site is still safe to browse/use.