Office Brawl

Worked on my screenshot capabilities, posing is KINDA better.

Also the CT is examining his injury.

Oh yeah and finger posing was being glitchy so that’s why his thumb was sticking out. Like on one side of the room the pose was different, lol weird.

God, last thing…Say what you really think I don’t need Constructive criticism I’m here for improving.

Not bad, but don’t post pointless angles, of the same scene.

no prob.

Yeah i agree with Deri102, it can get really fucking annoying looking at the same shit over and over again.

Also don’t do shitty finger posing.

HEY. Finger poser was all messed up idk y read edit.

Wait, there are 2 different angles, yet there 5 pics? You may need to delete a few mate… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you edited that after i posted.

bump. dont hurt me.

when I read the title, I was expecting a SSBB fight in an office building…

We aren’t posting to it because we don’t like it, so stop trying to bump it to the top so people will notice.

Criticism coming in!
CT’s legs look a little buckled, he doesn’t look like he is looking at an injury, he looks like he is looking at a non-existent watch, there is no blood on the terrorist but the wall is slathered in it. Shadows of legs are showing through the table. And also work on your camera angles a bit, the top ones leave too much empty space in the middle, not really focusing on the subject.
Now I’m done.

You don’t need 2 pictures of the same angle on each of the angles…