Office Themed Map in Source 2

Another map once again! Probably my 8th or so now this month?

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Honestly I recommend the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th! (Make sure to scroll down for the updates for each one!)

This one is a lot simplier than the others and keeps to a different them from my other maps.

Its an office themed map for deathmatch in mind really but I don’t really like to match my maps up to a gamemode as technically most of my maps can be used in a lot of things and even more if i do some changes.

I only worked on this for less than a day as I wanted to see if I could use the skills i used previously and learnt to make a map quickly and as efficiently as possible so it isn’t much at all

It is small and simple, it loops on it self to keep the gameplay fluid and no player would get lost. so here is some screenshots starting off with the hammer editor view of it!

I know theres already a remake of Office from CSS coming to s&box very soon but it reminded me of how different an office setting makes me feel definitely compared to an industrial setting, so I decided to see if I could recreate that feeling and also make a simple fluid map for people to use.
(Though I will most likely replace a lot of things and expand on it if I port it to s&box)


You should make the kitchen as nasty and filled with old/busted technology as possible, for accuracy’s sake.


did you make those props? they look so nice!

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Only a few but not all, due to this being a quick efficient map build I didn’t put much time into it, though I’m planning on to soon with a build in the future!

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I feel like the hallways are a bit bland, they could use some pictures or water coolers or something like that. Other than that it looks great! This looks like it would be a nice map for prophunt

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Yup I do agree and will work on it more a bit later on so thank you for the feedback and idea! But as i’ve said in the post, that I wanted to see if I could use the skills I learnt and previously used to create a map in a short amount of time.

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Beautiful maps, as always. I second that ‘hallways are bland’ comment though. If you want to build this map further, I feel that should definitely be the next step.

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Looks perfect for prop hunt. Excited to see what you do next.

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hell yeah! looking good :triumph:

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I don’t know if you have already think about it but what is the purpose of the map ? will be great fulfilled of props anyway.

The importation of css maps and gmod iconic maps things like that sound really great as a second life to sandbox

I’d try to find some drywall material for the walls.

Theres a material on there right now, I tried drywall but it just looked too white and with no depth to it while the one i have now has a texture on it and its painted white to make it look like a modern building.

The carpet doesn’t match that feeling.

The materials ain’t really set in stone and probably will change at a later date but the feeling i get from the map matches the feeling I get at my University and the College I went to previously, so that is why I matched with that. Though thanks for the feedback I will try to look into it further and at another light when I get back to the project as I do want to match that feeling not just with me but with others too.

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can’t wait for the detailing part :smiley:

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