Office/Warehouse Building WIP

This is a project I’ve been working on for a few days thanks to the help from Chamonahehe’s videos they’ve been a godsent in my transfer from S1 to S2. Some feedback on the map layout/design would be nice, I’m still working on some lighting bugs and adding the second floor to the office building. Hope y’all enjoy and thank you for your time

Video Link:


Office Building maintenance room:

Office Balcony:


would be really good as a prophunt map. just gotta add a bunch more props lol. other than that looks like a good WIP.


Honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Once I get the rest of it fleshed out ill add a lot more props ect… Thank you for the advice

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Oh damn these look really good! Good job!


Haha lighting is always the harder to do!

Good job for the wharehouse. I really love the light comming from the roof and going on the wall. It gives a really nice mood in the scene. Maybe the global ambience is a little too dark.

Nice work!


The lighting of the interiors is beautiful!

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Thank yall so much for the positive feedback! I definitely agree about the ‘global ambience’ Im going to mess with the exterior lighting today… Also once I start to finish up I would like to make a night version as I feel that would look awesome on a build like this.

Looks really nice, good job!

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