Officers Johhny D and Johnny A Enquire the fate of a runner

Arland, 11.23AM - City Eye Channel News - RUNNER ARRESTED DANGLING FROM LEDGE

The runner known as *Faith* was pursued by Officers Johnny Delta and Johnny Alpha
for approximately twenty-three minutes before slipping and hanging off of the side of
a building. This panoramic image shows Officers Delta and Alpha enquiring their 
dispatcher as to what to do with the runner, at approximately 11.23AM.

Fingerposing is terrible on these guys, hence how Johnny A isn’t really holding his glock.

Angle could be improved, that’s all I can really say about this picture.

Otherwise a decent picture.

Yes. Faith doesnt really fit in the picture. Otherwise great job.

Angle was chosen specifically to hide the uglyness of the top of the building and also the bad-ish rigging on these cops.