Officers use Reverse Psychology during a Hostage Situation.

** You now have three more lives in your hands! What are you going to do?! **

“Wow these feds are even dumber than I thought”

I lol’d.

gave me a chuckle, would’ve been better with words imo

Reminded me of Blazing Saddles.
Have a funny.
“I do it man! I do it!”

Drop the weapon sir! I have a wife and kids, don’t make me do this!

I’ve seen this before, is this supposed to be a remake or a repost?

ahahah, wtf… suicidal cops

Yeah I think I’ve seen the same idea before.

Stop! Don’t shoot or I’ll shoot myself!

I feel like someone posted this before…

Someone did already… I think it was Caboose himself.

Fuck I love that movie.

Looks good Caboose, posing seems solid.

This made me laugh

I laughed at this

Well this one is certainly much better than the older one. Too bad Filesmelt purged the images again.

“Dude yo better let him go! Let him go or we’ll all kill ourselves!”

I think I’d probably be inclined to let him go ahahahahahaha. I like this screen!