official Australia server

Hi why is the ping so hi for the australia server it was called Australia (stress test) but now it’s called Australia but the ping on the server is american ping or something and you can not even connect to it it doesn’t even give an error it just puts you back to the server page with no error so in other words it crashs could you please fix it the ping is not australian ping

yea same here man it’s so annoying now since weve lost everything and not we currently don’t have an official server to play on this sucks :frowning: i wish they can do something about this ASAP

The China server gives me less ping than our own official server (Australia).

Why doesnt the aussie server work, does anyone have an idea when it will be back working? It is probably the only server i will play on as the community ones are usually even more laggy/buggy.

Helk said in another thread it needs a reset.
Garry is the only one who can do it.

Its hosted in Singapore, that’s why the ping is shit.

Have to admit im not going to play till they bring back that server and I know alot of others who wont bother either

Can we please get the Australia server up thats based in Australia and not Singapore

The Australia (stress test) Was perfect.

I started playing on the US official servers. Honestly the AUS one is always crashing and going down for hours even days and when that happens the server is wiped. AUS and China servers are the least reliable of them all. I don’t mind the slightly higher ping.

I have to agree with you there

There are some low ping servers in community that don’t admin abuse.